Pretend Play Shops

There is nothing new in the idea of a pretend play shop but it isn’t so long ago that kids had to make do with a little table and heaps of imagination. This is no longer the case with a good selection of little shops and life-like accessories available to buy online. Now kids can channel their imagination into the role of a friendly shopkeeper and leave the building of the shop to the experts.

Play sweet shop
Pick and Mix Sweet Shop
What can beat their very own Pick & Mix store complete with cash register and weighing scales.
£12.99 plus delivery from
Pretend play supermarket
Waitrose Supermarket
A self-contained play supermarket complete with food shelving and check-out.
W47 × D28 × H65 cm
£49 from
Pretend Play Cash Register
Waitrose Cash Register
A complete Waitrose branded checkout with a till, scanner, conveyor and selection of pretend food items.
£25 from
Roleplay supermarket checkout
Shop n Learn Smart Checkout
This supermarket checkout features a moving conveyor belt and working scanner. Comes complete with shopping back and pretend food items.
£129.99 plus delivery from
Combined play shop and puppet theatre
Tellatale Hand Puppet Theatre and Shop
This combined shop and theatre is a great budget option with a puppet stage on one side and shop front on the other. Kid’s may need to use a little more imagination to get the best out of this one – but isn’t that the point?
Available from
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