Peyton Kid’s Beds

Grey and white cabin bed with cupboard and drawers
Peyton Kids Cabin Bed – Grey/White
Features a single-size sleeping space with a set of 3 drawers and a 2-door cupboard space
W194 × D97 × H80 cm
From £279 plus delivery
Pink and white cabin bed
Peyton Kids Cabin Bed – Pink
W194 × D97 × H80 cm
From £279 plus delivery
Grey and white storage bunk bed
Peyton Storage Bunk Bed Grey/White
A standard-sized bunk bed with a fixed ladder, 2 drawers and a cubby space in the base
W194 × D95 × H160 cm
From £379 plus delivery
Pink and white bunk bed with drawers in base
Peyton Storage Bunk Bed Pink Pink/White
W194 × D95 × H160 cm
From £379 plus delivery
When it comes to dressing a children’s room, regardless of the amount of space available or the decorative theme they want to follow, finding a bed which they can grow into, and which combines storage with comfort is key to ensuring the best use of space. READ MORE…

The Peyton collection of kids’ beds encompasses a couple of different styles, one a single bed with under-bed storage and the second a bunk bed structure which provides under-bed drawers and open shelving to encourage tidy rooms from a young age.

In addition to the storage, the mattress itself is surrounded with a built-up surrounding base across all models, creating a cabin-style bed which will let your child’s imagination run wild. – transforming it into a pirate ship, a castle, and everything in between.

The whole point of the Peyton collection of beds is to maximise the use of floorspace in the bed’s structure – with the built in shelves, cabinets, and drawers all perfect for toys and clothes, and for teaching tidy habits to children within their own space.

Available in a gender neutral grey and white colour palette or with the addition of pink for a little feminine lift, these beds are simple, lightweight, and easy to accessorise according to the surrounding space.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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