Mia Sleigh Nursery Furniture

White painted nursery furniture

Grey Painted Nursery Furniture
Mamas & Papas Mia Sleigh Cot Bed Range
The attractive and functional Mia Sleigh Furniture range has been developed in-house by top brand Mamas and Papas and includes everything you need to furnish your nursery.

Featuring a sleigh cot, sleigh storage bed, a dresser changer, and a wardrobe, you’ll have plenty of storage space in your baby’s bedroom when you choose items from this collection. Available in crisp white and soft grey, these pieces will help you to create a calming and neutral look that’s both on-trend and timeless.

White-painted sleigh-style cot
Mamas & Papas Mia Sleigh Cot (White)
W156 × D65 × H99 cm
£369.99 (Plus delivery)
Grey painted cot with storage base
Mia Sleigh Cot Bed & UBS (Grey)
The cot bed converts to a sleigh-style junior bed (as below) when the need arises.
W156 × D65 × H99 cm
£369.99 (Plus delivery)

The Mia Sleigh Cot is simply stunning and will make your life easier thanks to its range of useful features. With two adjustable base height settings, you can be confident that you can put your little one down for a nap without disturbing them, and the cot can be converted into a toddler bed to suit them until they’re 4 years old.

You’re sure to be delighted with the Mia Cot’s protective teething rails too, as your baby will be able to soothe their teeth without damaging the furniture. Plus, the cot boasts under-bed storage for hiding away extra clothes, toys, and books.

Nursery sleigh bed with storage
Mia Sleigh Storage Bed
Together with the pull-out storage base, this sleigh-style bed makes the perfect nursery bed.

As your child grows older, swap their cot for the equally gorgeous Mia Sleigh Bed. Boasting the same attractive sleigh curves, this bed has a handy drawer which will help you to organise your child’s bedroom.

White-painted drawer chest with changer top and hanging rail
Mamas & Papas Mia Sleigh Dresser Changer (White)
W95 × D50 × H95 cm
£399.99 (Plus delivery)
Grey painted 3-drawer chest with changer top
Mia Sleigh Dresser Changer
W95 × D50 × H95 cm
£399.99 (Plus delivery)

The Mia Sleigh Dresser Changer is another wonderfully innovative piece. With three spacious drawers and two towel rails, you can be sure that you’ll have everything to hand when changing your baby.

White painted nursery wardrobe
Mamas & Papas Mia Sleigh Wardrobe (White)
W89 × D49 × H182 cm
£399.99 (Plus delivery)
Grey painted nursery wardrobe
Mia Sleigh Wardrobe
W89 × D49 × H182 cm
£399.99 (Plus delivery)

Finally, the Mia Sleigh Wardrobe offers two hanging rails and an internal shelf which can be removed as and when to suit your needs. This flexibility ensures that the wardrobe can grow with your child which makes it a fantastic choice.

If you’re looking for truly functional and beautiful furniture for your nursery, buy your pieces from the Mia Sleigh Nursery Furniture collection today.

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