Funky Furniture

A range of funky, cartoon-style bedroom furniture for kids. Featuring a quality build and beautiful tactile paint finish. Solid wood, handmade quality throughout, and attention to detail makes this furniture a pleasure to own…

Funky children's bed

The cute bed with thick, curved posts and head/foot boards comes in bright yellow, pink or blue. Dimensions: W110 × D211 × H103 cm.

Funky bedside cabinet

The matching bedside cabinet is ultra-cute but functional too with a cupboard unit and generously sized top. Dimensions: W51 × D47 × H58 cm.

Funky 3-drawer dresser

The 3-drawer dresser with extra-large chunky handles and ledged top. Dimensions: W100 × D57 × H76 cm.

Funky 5-drawer chest

The 5-drawer tallboy option has 20% extra storage. Dimensions: W101 × D57 × H141 cm.

Funk children's wardrobe

The wardrobe comes with a hanging rail or shelves and a drawer in the base. Dimensions: W133 × D53 × H183 cm.

Funky dresser/changer unit

The combination unit can be used as a desk or baby-changing unit and has lots of useful storage. Dimensions: W100 × D55 × H130 cm.

A matching framed wall mirror, chair and toy chest are also available.

Designs by Brian Bailie