Decorating Ideas for Ceilings

When you think about it, kids, especially babies and toddlers, spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling but it’s often the most neglected areas when it comes to decorating.

A couple of coats of white emulsion is the best most ceilings can hope for but, with a little imagination, you can create some stunning effects.

Stars painted ceiling
Choose a rich shade of blue (not too dark) and add stencilled white stars |
Painted ceiling with bold stripes
Bold stripes on on a plain white background can create a dramatic effect |
White walls with a an aqua coloured ceiling
You don’t have to get complicated to create an effect, just think outside the box a little |
Nursery with blush pink ceiling
Another simple but effective theme with a blush pink ceiling and plain white walls |
Painted clouds ceiling
Clouds are an obvious decorating idea that works on just about any surface, even a textured ceiling | learn how via
Stripes divided ceiling
This clever idea for dividing a shared bedroom utilizes bold painted stripes and strips of patterned wallpaper to create a stripes-effect ceiling