I’m Brian Bailie

I’m Brian Bailie, My family has been creating furniture in Ireland since at least 1845.

I’m probably best known for my children’s furniture after I designed the fastest-selling suite of furniture for Harrods Department Store, one of several of my suites that have enjoyed international success.

My client list includes:

  • Hollywood movie stars
  • international Music Artists
  • TV celebrities
  • TV and Film industry
  • British nobility
  • and thousands of ordinary boys and girls all over the world

1999 I was elected a member of the Chartered Society of Designers, and a professional member of the American Society of Furniture Designers, (so I guess they think I know what I’m doing).

About ten years ago I established DUH Ltd, a production company in China which I own with a couple of great business associates from Texas.
And that’s where my factory-produced kid’s furniture has been manufactured for global export, (though we do a lot of other stuff as well).

Nowadays I just make bespoke furniture for private clients, like this big beautifully turned solid ash bed.

If you’re interested in commissioning some furniture from me, please get in touch…

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